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Jane in Fog

My work focuses on the primal forces of the natural world, in particular the sensuality
of the female form, water and fog.

Much of the work originates in video, from which I create video stills, what I call the “moment between moments.” My glass-walled studio looks out to a cedar forest off Accabonac Harbor, not far from where Jackson Pollock worked. The simple beauty of the place beckoned to be a presence in my work. I introduced the female nude into the landscape with the notion of capturing the raw encounter between woman and nature. I gave little direction to the women portrayed when videotaping. What transpired was an unrehearsed, lyrical, and mysterious dance with the elements. The inclusion of fog reinforced the mystery of these forest ‘rites.’ It allowed me to create ambiguity, confounding the notion of space, of what is near and far. The figures often hang in an expanse of mist, close, yet far away - untouchable and unfathomable in a certain sense - yet often in intimate proximity.

While the video stills exhibit a painterly and enigmatic quality, the photographs of women, fog and water, although visually more specific, exude similar qualities of mystery and ambiguity. And although the imagery is more distinct, the cinematic origins remain intact in the juxtaposition of moments that exist within a larger filmic context. In the case of the wave sequences, these juxtapositions illuminate the sensuality of water - whereas in the grid sequences of women we find a multi-perspective encounter that is simultaneously intimate and elusive.

The general otherworldly quality inherent to the work is further enhanced by suspending many of the images under a clear and lustrous coat of resin. The resin creates a penetrating layer of depth and its overall encasement of the image establishes an object-like solidity to fleeting moments of narrative.

The work invites a full range of interpretation; it is both ethereal in nature, yet ultimately present.