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Photo Credit: Jaime Lopez

I am a seeker. An explorer. When a visual imperative ignites me, however undefined at inception, it seems to speak in the language and poetry of a particular medium. So by nature I am a multi-disciplinary artist, moving fluidly between mediums, each one enriching the other.

I was born in Brooklyn. During my third year of university studies I was chosen to participate in a study-abroad program in Tours, France under the direction of Erik Koch, former student of and assistant to abstract expressionist Hans Hofmann. Immersion in this intensive master-student environment and life in another culture with proximity to European art collections became a watershed in my life. I remained in France working as an artist for six years only returning briefly to graduate Summa Cum Laude from SUNY with a B.A. in Studio Art.

Exposure to artistically compelling European cinema led me back to New York City where I studied filmmaking at New York University and worked as a cinematographer and editor with luminaries such as Al Pacino and Gregory Colbert. This, in turn, led me back to Paris and ten years in the film and television industry, which culminated in directing and producing the documentary film Silent Sentries, broadcast on PBS. Eventually I returned to New York City, established an art studio on the Lower East Side, and resumed painting as a means of creative expression.

My work walks the fine line between abstraction and suggestive figuration. My earlier work, shaped contextually by a decade in New York City and the years in Paris and Europe, was primarily abstract. Arriving in East Hampton in 2004, the natural surroundings slowly transformed my work. Nature seemed to summon me, asking for recognition, and I became more attuned to its power and rhythms. My visual investigations since then include ‘forest’ nudes, water, fog and forces seen and unseen, for example in my Force Majeure series of Vortexes.


Recent paintings have continued my exploration of abstraction through the creation of layered ‘history.’ Surface richness and seduction occur through the texture and the sensuality of paint. I approach painting organically and see it as an act of faith.


Whether I am painting or looking through the lens, I consider my process to be a spiritual act. It is the unifying force inherent in all the mediums I work in.


The Artist's Hands

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